Siam Discovery Shopping Center, Bangkok (Thailand)

Siam Discovery Shopping Center

Siam Discovery Shopping Center offers the most pleasant and enjoyable shopping experience in one of Bangkok’s main shopping centers, thanks to its sophisticated concept presented by the exhibitions. It’s an experience like no other in the Thai shopping capital.

After a complete renovation in 2016, the ground floor still has its chic boutiques and anchorage stores by Issey Miyake, Diesel and Comme des Garcons, but if you go upstairs, you will notice a significant lack of business. Instead, the goods are designed in a natural way as one would expect from someone at home. This trend has been popular in Japan and Korea for years, but Siam Discovery was the first to implement this new shopping experience in Bangkok.

The concept

The concept was created with the help of a Japanese design company, Nendo, and the result is very impressive, even if a little confusing, for people more accustomed to a more traditional form of shopping. Each floor (now called “laboratory”) receives a theme and a common interior design that make Siam Discovery a sort of retail exploration. For people looking for window shopping and inspiration for their wardrobe, Discovery is now the best shopping mall in Bangkok.

Do not worry if you are looking for a specific product because there are many people who can help you. In fact, if the sellers do not do a good job, this mall could be a confusing place to shop, because if you look around you will find that there are no cash registers. They are hidden to preserve the facade, which invites one to pause rather than spend money.

The product collection

The product collection is mainly aimed at city dwellers and families and you will find many customized products from companies all over the world. On the ground floor you will find, among others, the Japanese boutique designer Beautiful People, Tsumori Chisato and Miharayasuhiro. Many of the products on show at Siam Discovery are exclusive in Thailand.

The Japanese theme continues with Yohji Yamamoto and Dressed and Dressed at His Lab, although other collections are available in Europe and America, such as Paul Smith, Boss Orange and Calvin Klein.

On the third floor, fans of old Siam Discovery will be pleased to know that they have kept the big loft and habitat shops, as well as some interesting fashion stores and household items. For those who want to get out, Siam Discovery now offers a cool place on the top floor to relax, with other places on the higher floors. The sixth floor of the Siam Discovery is dedicated to the Madame Tussaud Wax Museum, an elegant gastronomic hall with multinational retail outlets and a Virgin Interactive fitness center.

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